Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP)

  • Product No.DSI534Ra03
  • Organism SpeciesRattus norvegicus (Rat) Same name, Different species.
  • Prototype SpeciesHuman
  • SourceInduced by hydrocortisone
  • Model Animal StrainsWistar Rats(SPF), healthy, male, body weight 180g~200g.
  • Modeling GroupingRandomly divided into six group: Control group, Model group, Positive drug group and Test drug group.
  • Modeling Period4-6 weeks
  • Modeling MethodOrally drench rats 3-month-old rats with hydrocortisone injection at the dosage of 3.6mg/kg for 6 times every week and then for twice every week after 30 d. The administration lasts for 60 d in total. 10 d and 2 d before being killed, rats are subcutaneously injected with tetracycline hydrochloride at the dosage of 25 mg/kg and Calein solution at the dosage of mg/kg respectively so that fluorescent double labels can be formed on their bone surfaces; in this way, we can observe the dynamic change in bone formation between 2 injections.
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  • Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP) Packages (Simulation)
  • Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP) Packages (Simulation)
  • Certificate ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485: 2003 Registered

Model Evaluation of the Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP)

Pathological Results of the Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP)

Cytokines Level of the Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP)

Statistical Analysis of the Rat Model for Osteoporosis (OP)

SPSS software is used for statistical analysis, measurement data to mean ± standard deviation (x ±s), using t test and single factor analysis of variance for group comparison, P<0.05 indicates there was a significant difference, P<0.01 indicates there are very significant differences.

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