Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI)

Brain Ischemia; Cerebrovascular Ischemia; MCAO

  • Product No.DSI523Ra02
  • Organism SpeciesRattus norvegicus (Rat) Same name, Different species.
  • Prototype SpeciesHuman
  • SourceOcclusion of four blood vessels
  • Model Animal StrainsSD rats, male and female, weighing 250 ~ 300g.
  • Modeling GroupingRandomly divided into six group: Control group, Model group, Positive drug group and Test drug group.
  • Modeling Period4-6 weeks
  • Modeling Method"SD rats, male and female, weight 250 ~ 300g, intraperitoneal injection of chloral hydrate (350 ~ 400 mg/kg weight agent or pentobarbital sodium (50 ~ 60 mg/kg body weight dose) after anesthesia, fixed in supine position, shave the neck hair, routine disinfection the skin on the surgery regional. The anterior median incision, isolated bilateral common carotid artery (CCA). At the same time cut open the occipital incision, seperate the exposed transverse process of the first cervical vertebra and left and right wing for transverse foramen by using microscope, set the hot electric iron tip inserted into the pterygoid hole, the appropriate depth is 2~3MM, electrocoagulation of bilateral vertebral artery (vertebral, artery, VA) cause the permanent occlusion, the insertion time should not be too long, 1 ~ 2S can avoid local heat too high to damage the spinal cord and brainstem. After 24h rats after light anesthesia with ether, neck routine sterilization, open the anterior median incision, will set the standby line in the bilateral common carotid artery ligation, according to the experiment needs it allows to block the flow for 10 ~ 60 min. The reperfusion can be performed after releasing the ligation.

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  • Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI) Packages (Simulation)
  • Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI) Packages (Simulation)
  • Certificate ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485: 2003 Registered

Model Evaluation of the Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI)

Pathological Results of the Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI)

Cytokines Level of the Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI)

Statistical Analysis of the Rat Model for Cerebral Ischemia (CI)

SPSS software is used for statistical analysis, measurement data to mean ± standard deviation (x ±s), using t test and single factor analysis of variance for group comparison, P<0.05 indicates there was a significant difference, P<0.01 indicates there are very significant differences.

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