Rhox Homeobox Family, Member 2B (RHOXF2B)
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 HGNC 33519
 UniProt P0C7M4
 USCN T809
Rhox Homeobox Family, Member 2B (RHOXF2B)
Genes of the Rhox gene family from a gene cluster on the mammalian X chromosome. The mouse Rhox cluster has 32 genes; the human cluster has three genes: RHOXF1, RHOXF2 and RHOXF2B. The latter two are extremely closely related and most likely a very recent tandem duplication. It is unclear if all three genes are functional. The Rhox genes are not present in Drosophila or amphioxus.
The Rhox cluster genes targeted for H1-mediated transcriptional repression are also subject to another DNA methylation-regulated process: Xp imprinting. Rhox gene cluster is a major target of H1-mediated transcriptional repression in ES cells and that H1 is a candidate to have a role in Xp imprinting. The rhox homeobox gene cluster is imprinted and selectively targeted for regulation by histone h1 and DNA methylation.
Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)
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