Neuroblastoma Breakpoint Family, Member 4 (NBPF4)
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 HGNC 26550
 PubMed 23741398
 UniProt Q96M43
 USCN R637
Neuroblastoma Breakpoint Family, Member 4 (NBPF4)
NBPF4, Belongs to the NBPF family, The NBPF genes have a repetitive structure with high intragenic and intergenic sequence similarity in both coding and noncoding regions. These similarities might expose these genomic regions to illegitimate recombination, resulting in structural variation in the NBPF genes. The encoded proteins contain a highly conserved domain of unknown function, named the NBPF repeat. In silico analysis combined with the isolation of multiple full-length cDNA clones showed that several members of this gene family are abundantly expressed in a large variety of tissues and cell lines. Strikingly, no discernable orthologues could be identified in the completed genomes of fruit fly, nematode, mouse, or rat, but sequences with low homology could be isolated from the draft canine and bovine genomes.
Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)
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