EGF Like Module Containing Mucin Like Hormone Receptor 3 (EMR3)
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EGF-like module receptor 3
 HGNC 23647
 PubMed 20827226
 UniProt Q9BY15
 USCN K445
 Wiki EMR3
EGF Like Module Containing Mucin Like Hormone Receptor 3 (EMR3)
EMR3 encodes a member of the class B seven-span transmembrane (TM7) receptor family expressed predominantly by cells of the immune system. This gene is closely linked to the gene encoding egf-like molecule containing mucin-like hormone receptor 2 on chromosome 19.
This protein may play a role in myeloid-myeloid interactions during immune and inflammatory responses.EMR3 contains an N-terminal signal peptide, 2 EGF-like domains, the first of which does not contain a calcium-binding sequence, a mucin-like spacer region with several N- and O-linked glycosylation sites, a putative GPCR proteolytic site, a TM7 region, and a 51-residue cytoplasmic tail. A truncated EMR3 splice variant containing only the 2 EGF-like domains and no transmembrane domain was predicted to be a soluble protein.
Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)
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