Divergent Paired Related Homeobox Protein (DPRX)
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 HGNC 32166
 PubMed 21679462
 UniProt A6NFQ7
 USCN J235
Divergent Paired Related Homeobox Protein (DPRX)
Homeobox genes encode DNA-binding proteins, many of which are thought to be involved in early embryonic development. Homeobox genes encode a DNA-binding domain of 60 to 63 amino acids referred to as the homeodomain. This gene is a member of the DPRX homeobox gene family. Evidence of mRNA expression has not yet been found for this gene. Multiple, related processed pseudogenes have been found which are thought to reflect expression of this gene in the germ line or embryonic cells.
Using PRD-class homeodomains to query a genome database, Booth and Holland (2007) identified DPRX, which encodes a protein of 191 amino acids. No DPRX orthologs were detected in the mouse genome.
Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)
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